Rock Band for real. I am a serious lover of rock. Have all the equipment and place accordingly. Just looking for people to meet together, have fun and rock.

No money here just pure fun. But if we put together a band that is worthwhile, believe me we will become the next Beatles. Done this before but I simply was too young. Contact me, this is not a joke. Anyway, what is wrong with good fun. You know I have met a lot of people regarding this, a real artist does not care, he just wants to have fun, and believe me in my place you can. I had a plumber once who came to fix something, when he saw my equipment he went mad. I have a pure Fender Stratocaster, he took it and went wild. We played Hey Joe, Jimmy Hendriks, I sang.. He did not want to leave my house.

Now where am I, It is in Colfosco Susegana, check out, it is a B&B. I wish to open up at 22.00 hrs. only on Friday and Saturdays till late. No food just a cash bar.

Best Prosecco

Situation is in Colfosco Susegana, name of